Exclusive Executive Live Webinar

COVID-19 and Demand Planning solutions to bring you closer to your customers

Following our first very successful webinar “COVID-19 Impact on Global Supply Chains, Opportunities in the Post-COVID World” we are pleased to announce our second webinar in our series, “COVID-19 Demand Planning and practical solutions”

This webinar will take you through some practical solutions on what some highly impacted organisations are doing to improve their Demand Planning results and how they are changing their processes to bring them closer to their clients and improve forecasting.

Join me as I host a panel of Industry Leaders to discuss …
  • How their organisations have been impacted by COVID19
  • How they have changed their processes to improve forecasting
  • What are some of the tools they have used to overcome challenges
  • What changes they see in their business
  • Changes to communication with other departments and clients to improve outcomes
Our Panel members will include …
  • Gavin Morgan—Head of Inventory Fantastic Furniture
  • John Lamont—Managing Director Nowchem
  • Ram Veeramony—KPMG Director Enterprise
Yours Sincerely Yuri Verjoustinsky
Managing Director , DMS Pty Ltd

Date … 25th August 2020

Time … 10am to 11am AEST

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