Exclusive Executive Live Webinar

COVID-19 Impact On Global Supply Chains Opportunities In the Post-COVID World

Despite the unprecedented steps and cumulative efforts undertaken by governments, businesses and individuals to stem its growth, the impact of COVID-19 outbreak on our daily lives is being felt more and more with every passing day. As the virus continues its rampage across the globe, causing loss of life, destroying businesses across many industries we are left to wonder “what next?”

The fact that the origins of the virus lie in China, the de-facto ‘factory of the world’, as well as our major trading partner, has only served to accentuate the economic damage, with a significant percentage of global supply chains reeling in shock and crumbling.

As COVID19 took hold, early industry feedback in March 2020 indicated nearly 75% of companies reported supply chain disruptions in one form or the other, due to coronavirus-related transportation restrictions. Additional feedback indicated a lack of any semblance of contingency planning, from almost 50% of companies with supply chain disruption leading back to China.

Our world is changing faster than we’ve ever experienced in our lifetime.

Join me as I host a panel of Industry Leaders to discuss …
  • How their organisations have been impacted by COVID19
  • How their Supply Chains have adapted
  • What forced changes & benefits has COVID19 delivered
  • Has COVID19 impacted their S&OP or IBP processes
  • What Opportunities they see in the post COVID19 World
Our Panel members will include …
  • Neville Tapp, Director Supply Chain & Operations Snack Brands Australia
  • Andrew Dawson, National Inventory Manager Bunzl Australia & New Zealand
  • Henry Brunekreef, Director Advisory Services, Supply Chain & Operations Mgmt KPMG
Yours Sincerely Yuri Verjoustinsky
Managing Director , DMS Pty Ltd

Date … 16th June 2020

Time … 11am to 12pm AEST

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