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Demand Management, Inc. (DMI) is a leading global provider of the Demand Solutions® software-as-a-service (SaaS) supply chain planning software. These affordable, easy-to-use solutions for manufacturers and distributors are designed to increase forecast accuracy, improve customer service levels, and reduce overall inventory to maximise profits and lower costs. Designed to run on Azure, a cloud services from Microsoft, the Demand Solutions supply chain planning solution offers capabilities for demand optimization, inventory optimization, retail optimisation, quality and compliance, product lifecycle management, sourcing management, sales and operations planning, integrated business planning, advanced analytics and supply chain data management.
Rydoo is not your typical company story. It’s not one person’s dream or idea but the shared vision of 3 companies – Sodexo, iAlbatros and Xpenditure. Together, we aim to eliminate painful and frustrating processes for companies worldwide. We offer one single app, with two modules covering the entire travel and expense journey: before, during and after each business trip. Our ambition is to change the way we work, offering a brand new experience for business travelers and companies around the world. We aim for a seamless work flow and better quality of life for employees.

Morpheus.Network was built to make logistics easier using blockchain technology. Combining the most brilliant minds in global trade, information security, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. Morpheus. Network aims to fix the inefficiencies that the World Economic Forum has identified in a $15 trillion USD industry.

ezyCollect was born from necessity and mateship.

AJ Singh, then managing the family’s medical supplies distribution company, nearly lost the otherwise thriving business to late payments.

“Our business was on the BRW Fast 100 list but I had this big cashflow problem in the background: customers were paying late and there was not much I could do about it. Following up invoices became a mess and I couldn’t afford to keep hiring staff to chase up payments.”

Enter Raj Kuckreja, a University mate who was engaged as a Chartered Accountant for the business.

“The cashflow conversations were getting more painful as the business grew,” says Raj.

Together, they started the ‘ultimate wishlist’ for the dream software that would solve the pain of late payments.

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