Never lose a receipt again

If you need to scan in multiple pages for one single expense, or want to scan a pile of receipts at once and only submit the expenses later – not to worry. We have it covered.

Snap pictures of your receipts when you get them.

Opt for quick, single or multi-page scanning and submit your expenses in no time.

With its embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning, our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is continuously improving, to remain of the highest possible quality.

Didn’t get a paper receipt?

Great news! Rydoo’s OCR works just the same for electronic receipts.

Simply forward your electronic receipt with your work email and see your expense magically appear in your app. Our technology reads them in seconds and stores them safely for 10 years.

Retrieve your receipt whenever you need it.

Want to learn more – reach out to me for a confidential discussion regarding your Expense Management Process.

Take your first step towards paperless expense claims

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