Join us for a webinar on Mar 23, 2022 at 11:00 AM AEDT

Supply chain systems can become outdated over time if updates and upgrades are dismissed. People change, roles evolve and supply chains outgrow static, configured business models.

Business requirements’ today have evolved significantly and require well integrated, up-to-date, evolving cloud technologies that deliver organisations AGILITY that enables them to stay competitive and gain advantage in an increasingly digital and complex environment

Supply Chain teams should capitalise on the latest technology and consider transitioning to the DS SaaS Platform where a single end-to-end web-based User Interface combined with the latest AI can reduce costs and drive top-line growth. 

After 5 years and $80m in R&D investment, the Logility Demand Solutions latest generation platform was launched in 2020 and is an evolution of 4 of the world’s leading Platforms … Logility, Demand Solutions, NGC & Halo into one fully integrated end-to-end supply chain platform. 

This exclusive and complimentary supply chain webinar is available only to current and former Demand Solutions customers. Enjoy insights into the scale of the new platform capabilities and explore how it can help you re-define your Supply Chain as a competitive differentiator. 

We’ll discuss the capabilities that are shaping the future of the supply chain and explore the benefits of SaaS platforms. A well shared pre-Covid quote has become today’s reality that “businesses won’t compete in the future – supply chains will” … is your supply chain ready?

Some of the topics covered in the Logility Demand Solutions customer webinar include:
– Using latest generation Analytics to drive decision-making processes
– How Supply Optimisation differs from traditional Supply Planning 
– Utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to enhance your business processes

Please join us on Wednesday 23rd March at 11am AEST to learn more and experience a live demonstration of the new DS SaaS Platform.  Register Now.


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