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by Jun 20, 2019Supply Chain

Where Are You in Your Supply Chain Journey?

Nobody disputes the value of an efficient, collaborative, carefully planned supply chain. When your company reaches its supply chain potential, you can:

  • Offer the right products in the right quantities at the right quantities at the right price – with the absolute minimum of safety stock.
  • Keep your demand in sync with your partners’ supply.
  • Generate forecasts for a wide range of possible business scenarios.
  • Garner the input of stakeholders in every business plan and use that plan to drive your company to its full competitive advantage.

With goals like these on the horizon, it’s no wonder there’s so much talk these days about sales and operations planning (S&OP). Ever since its development in the 1980s by consulting firm Oliver Wright, the concept of S&OP has been the trusted approach for any company that makes or delivers products and wants to synchronize all of its business functions to make its supply chain run optimally.

Call it supply chain maturity, supply chain excellence, or S&OP. Whatever you call it, it’s critically important to the health of any company that runs a supply chain. But as we’ve experienced, getting there isn’t easy.

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