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Think how much calculation goes into your planning. The Demand Management process requires that you have the following facts at your fingertips:

  • How much you have sold to each of your customers in each of the last 36 months.
  • Your best guess of when each of your customers will place their orders over the next year and a half, and how much they will order.
  • The impact of those orders on your Inventory Turns and Production Capacity.
  • How your sales rank by product, by customer, by product family, by sales territory, etc.
  • The projections of your sales reps and product managers for the next month, the next quarter, the next year and the next three-year period.
  • Continual analysis of their previous forecasts.
  • How your company, each business unit and each product family is performing against the year-to-date budget.

Consider what it would take to consolidate and organize that data into the essential information you need to run your business. The Demand Management process compels you to consistently gather, review and execute on the basis of this critical information.

Now consider the profitable decisions you could make with instant access to this data. Imagine how much more effective your planning will be in the future – as each planning cycle gets off to a running start with a comprehensive yet concise summary of your business that you’ve fine-tuned on a regular basis.

Our company, Demand Management, Inc., is dedicated to the development and refinement of software to support the Demand Management process. We believe that you can exchange information for inventory, that you can and should proactively manage your demand rather than operate in a reactive mode, and that you, your customers, your vendors, your employees, and ultimately your stockholders will reap very tangible benefits from a formal Demand Management Process.

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